Swinburne University of Technology joins OERu

Posted by OER Foundation on 22 September 2016
Committed to Open Education

Established as a technical institute in 1908 before becoming an accredited university in 1992, Swinburne University of Technology has a long history of excellence in innovative education in Australia. By delivering high-quality, engaged instruction focused on science, technology, and innovation, the Swinburne team has become one of the world’s top 400 universities – and in the top 100 for their work in physics.

“It’s important for the future of OER that we develop sustainable approaches – integrating that into the ecosystem of the higher education setting; integrating OER into normal practice is where we need to get to. This is one of the strengths in what we’re doing at Swinburne University; our integrated focus for things like OER is an integral part of the fabric of what we’re teaching.“

~Mike Keppel, Pro Vice-Chancellor at Swinburne University

Open to the World

A current example of Swinburne University’s commitment to open education is their implementation of an internal tool that integrates learning across a variety of platforms. To provide improved access to open, compliant, and enduring video and audio content, Swinburne University has created Swinburne Commons, a centralized service. This technology solution is designed to ensure compliance while making the content widely available – searchable via Google and distributed via YouTube or iTunes. To further ensure accessibility, they’ve made it a requirement that all videos shared on the Swinburne University website have transcripts and captions, and have adopted processes to make this requirement easy and affordable to instructors.

OERu is pleased to have Swinburne University join our international network of innovative institutions, and we look forward to creating new OER courses to serve learners around the world, empowered by the vision and support of Swinburne University.

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